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معرفی بیمارستانDifferent Departments:


Emergency _ Physiotherapy _ Laboratory _ Radiography (Radiology – Mammography – CT Scan – MRI – Sonography and OPG)



Different Specialties:


Orthopedic _ Children _ Ophthalmic _ Obstetrics and Gynecology _ Ear nose and throat _ Psychiatry _ Dermatology _ General surgery _ urology _ Cardiovascular _ Exercise Test and Echo _ Internal Diseases _ Infectious diseases _ Cardiologist _ Obstetrician _ Gastroenterology, Digestive and Liver _ Optometry _ Family Planning _ Audiologists _ Psychology


**This Hospital as a general center, have: - 127 available beds

- Private and General (two bed) Hospital room (separated with a curtain for caring and clinical actions for each patient)

- 9 surgical beds

- 11 beds for Hemodialysis patients

- One bed for painless birth

- 7 beds for ICU

- 16 beds for CCU and Post CCU ward

- 6 beds for NICU

- 8 beds for rehabilitations and physiotherapy



Staff dress:


Nurses: White  dress 

Nurse Assistants: Creamdress 

Services: Blue dress 

Female secretary: Gray dress 

Male secretary: Navy blue dress



Following departments are available all the time:


-Anesthesiologist and resuscitation resident


-General Practitioner

-Obstetrics and gynecology resident

-Floors and different departments in Hospital:



First Basement (B1F):

Laboratories – Pathology ward – Endoscopy ward – Colonoscopy ward – physiotherapy and rehabilitation ward – Female prayer room – Male prayer room – Archives and documents Department – Storerooms – Power house and laundry


Ground Floor (GF):

Emergency – Pharmacy – Radiography (Radiology – Mammography – CT Scan – MRI – Sonography and OPG) – Injections, wound dressing and nursing services – Management of health services – Hospital beds department – Discharge – Engineering department – Kitchen – Transport – Hyper market


First Floor (1F):

men surgery ward – Hemodialysis ward – ICU – Central operating room


Second Floor (2F):

women surgery ward – Maternity ward – NICU – Female operating room – CSR


Third Floor (3F):

CCU – Presidency – Successor of Hospital – Department of improvement quality – Education and research – Treatment – Inspection Management – Hygiene Management – department of representative of the supreme leader in hospital – Department of Lettered – Department of advertisement and communication – Library room – Amphitheater – Meeting room – Self services – Prayer room


Gained honors of hospital:

- Obtaining first class certification of accreditation from ministry of health and medical education

- Achieving ISO 9001 certification in comprehensive quality management

- Achieving statue of festival of clinical governance from ministry of health and medical education

- Achieving certificate of "Mother-friendly hospital"

- Achieving certificate of "Baby-friendly hospital"

- Candidate of patient "Safety-friendly hospital"



Offering comprehensive services for patient:


Using from skilled staff for offering services to patients

Using men for male patient in treatment services and also women for female patients


**Meet the patient is available in all days of week**

**Meeting time is from 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM**


Telephone Numbers:



32787650 Fox                

Local number: 32527                 Public relation and advertisement of Hospital

Local number: 32518                 Management of inspection


Client voice support: send message or any question to 30001845

Request from presidency: 32512 and 32511



Religious belief needs

- Presence a male religious expert in men's section and female religious expert in women's section for answering any related question

- Answering to any religious question via local number 32544

- Existing a prayer room in third floor of the Hospital

- Existing client prayer room in minus one floor

- Existing a prayer room in each hospital section

- Existing related requirements for praying in each of hospital rooms


Prism of patient right


1- Receiving suitable and satisfactory services is one of patient right.

2- Information awareness of patient should be enough and optimal.

3- Selection right and freely decision making in receiving health services should be respected.

4- Providing health services should be based on respect to patient privacy and consider secrecy principle.

5- Access to efficient system of complaints handling is one of the patient right


Warm welcoming to your suggestion and criticisms


This Hospital, having main attention to continuous quality improvement and also patient safety and promotion of services quality, use your comments as an opportunity for improvement. To achieve this goal, survey questionnaires have been prepared. Complete them if you interested.


"Thank you in advance for your help and supporting" 

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